What to consider before switching super funds

The new year has arrived and now might be the time to consider switching super funds, but there are a few things to think about first.


Controversial measure sees $36 billion 'sucked' from superannuation

Around 3.4 million Australians 'sucked' close to $36 billion from their nest eggs in a bid to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Seniors Finance

Deferred lifetime annuities explained

Lifetime annuities do not need to start as soon as you retire and there are benefits to deferring.

Superannuation News

ISA says new super laws will help dud funds take $10b a year

Industry Super Australia slams the government's proposed Your Future, Your Super laws.

Retirement Income

Angry retirees send thousands of letters to Reserve Bank boss

Enough is enough, say retirees, who have swamped the RBA boss with thousands of letters and emails expressing their concerns about the cash rate staying so low for so long.

Centrelink News

End of year help for age pensioners

Hank Jongen tells how Services Australia plans to support older Aussies through summer.

Finance News

Access to professional advice could reduce the reliance on the pension

Properly implemented professional advice for all Australians could reduce Age Pension spending by 21.6 per cent.


Retirement Income Review highlights the great divide between retirees

The Retirement Income Review paints a pretty picture for those with a good work history and who own their home, but for the rest, retirement looks more challenging.


Webinar: Funding retirement using home equity

Household Capital retirement solutions specialist Shelley Wettenhall answers the tough questions about accessing your home equity to fund your retirement.


Super funds playing a big part in the nation’s COVID recovery

Industry super funds’ capital investments are creating jobs, reducing the need for government payouts and helping the economy get back on track.

Retirement Income

How to boost your super when shopping online

A new website automatically puts cash-back contributions into your superannuation account whenever you shop online.

Retirement Income

Australians urged to check their super funds for ‘severe’ fee increases

All Australians are being urged to take a closer look at their super balances, as huge increases in insurance premiums will come into effect by the end of the year.

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