Major health issue can’t be ignored

Loneliness is a major health hazard that can no longer be ignored, according to clinical psychologist and lecturer Dr Michelle Lim.


RBA boss urges ‘risky’ payments

The nation’s top banker is urging Australians to pay bills using a technology that has been shown to leave individuals open to cyber theft overseas.


Stroke can double dementia risk

High blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are key risk factors for stroke, which can double the likelihood of dementia, study warns.

Safety Online

Never get lazy with your data

Reports of data breaches are becoming increasing common, but that’s no reason to become complacent with your online security, writes criminology lecturer Cassandra Cross.*

Health news

Act now to cut your dementia risk

While we can’t change our age or genetic profile, we can make adjustments to our lifestyle to reduce our dementia risk


Research identifies your cancer risk

A 20-year international study of 10,000 women has accurately identified the cancer risks for women, further highlighting the need for early detection and lifelong monitoring.


Understanding cardiovascular disease

We’re often confronted with headlines stating that cardiovascular disease is a leading killer in Australia, but what is it and how can you reduce your risk?


Phones and wifi not linked to cancer

The ABC's science program Catalyst is under review after an episode misled viewers into drawing a connection between wifi signals, mobile phone use and brain cancer.

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Calcium supplements linked to heart attacks

A study published in the online issue of the journal Heart has shown that taking calcium supplements may increase your risk of heart attack.

Health News

Daylight savings affects your risk of heart attack

This Sunday it’s time to set the clocks back an hour as daylight savings comes to an end, but a new study shows that the time-shift can affect your risk of heart attack. Find out how to minimise the effects of daylight savings on your health.

Health News

How safe is your cholesterol medication?

Statins, medication prescribed to people at high risk of heart attack or stroke, have hit the headlines with claims they are causing terrible side-effects in everyone taking them. But what is the reality and is your cholesterol medication safe?