Are night sweats anything to worry about?

Night sweats are often so heavy that your clothing and sheets are soaked to the point where you have to change them. Here are some common causes of night sweats and when to see your GP.

Pain Management

How your sleeping position impacts your health

Sleeping in some positions can make it more difficult to breath, limiting airways and reducing blood flow, while others put strain on your spine and neck, causing back pain.


Have you been dreaming more during the pandemic?

Our minds may be wandering more during the pandemic, which can be a good thing.

Self-drive holidays

Tips for staying focused and fresh on long road trips

Don’t be caught napping while driving; the following tips will help you stay awake on the road, ensuring safe travels for you and your passengers.

Health essentials

Is it time to take the free sleep apnoea test?

Sleep apnoea can cause ongoing health issues and be potentially life-threatening. And you’re not the only one you’re hurting. It most likely interferes with your partner’s sleep, too. Maybe it’s time to take the free five-minute sleep apnoea test?


Weird and wonderful facts about dreaming

Whether you remember it or not, you dream every night. Sometimes they’re happy, other times sad, and often bizarre. Here are some interesting facts about dreaming.


Why a sleep apnoea diagnosis isn’t the end of the world

More than 250,000 Australians have sleep apnoea. The condition is more common than you may think and life threatening if not treated. Here are the common symptoms and possible causes.

Health & Ageing

What is pink noise and can it really help you sleep

Pink noise is deeper and more soothing than white noise and may help to improve the quality of your sleep.


Are these sheets the secret to a good night’s sleep?

Organic bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but are they worth the hype?

Your Health

Exploding head syndrome and other strange sleep phenomena

From sleep chatting to bladder control, here are a few surprising things that can happen to your body while you slumber.

Brain health

Common sleep condition doing just as much damage as Alzheimer's

Australian researchers discover identical signs of brain damage in sleep apnoea and Alzheimer’s.


Should you try clean sleeping?

Apparently, we’ve been doing sleeping all wrong. Gwyneth Paltrow tells why you should invest in a new bedtime routine.

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