How to … tell if you're oversleeping and what to do

If you're getting enough sleep, but still feel tired, this may be the problem.

Mental Health

Frequent travel could make you 7 per cent happier

People dreaming of travel post-COVID-19 now have some scientific data to support their wanderlust. A new study shows frequent travellers are happier with their lives than people who don't travel at all.


Foods that are good for your heart and your waistline

It’s really not too difficult to eat a diet that safeguards your heart. And a heart healthy diet can also be good for your waistline.


Wellbeing experts share their morning routines

A good morning routine can set you up for the day - but where to start? Liz Connor finds out how wellness professionals approach it.


Follow these tips to preserve your eyesight

Macular degeneration causes half of all cases of legal blindness in Australia, but is it inevitable? No, say the experts, there are modifiable risk factors we can control to avoid the disease.


How to be kinder to yourself in difficult times

Feeling like a failure right now? We speak to psychologists about how to practise self-compassion in the crisis.

Mental Health

Boost your mental and physical health in 2021

Swimmers tell researchers their daily dip boosts their mental health. We explain the benefits.

Living in retirement

Noel Whittaker's checklist to help you start the New Year right

A contented retirement doesn't just happen, you need to set goals and have this talk with … yourself.

Health & Ageing

Study finds age is no barrier to successful weight loss

Obese patients over the age of 60 can lose an equivalent amount of weight to that of younger people, using only lifestyle changes.

Health essentials

Worried about excessive sweating? Here's what you need to know

The constant feel of damp palms and dripping armpits can be exhausting for people living with chronic sweating. Liz Connor finds out more.

Food Safety

The one thing a nutritionist would never do at Christmas

Indulging in too much high-fat food, even over a short period, can affect our body's sensitivity to insulin.


Pets, touch and COVID-19: Why our furry friends are lifesavers

New research from the University of South Australia shows just how crucial our pets have been in 2020, particularly to people denied human-to-human contact due to lockdowns and social isolation.

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