Take responsibility for your own actions

In previous years when watching these ‘Fat TV’ reality shows, one message has been crystal clear ? you are the problem and you need to change that problem.

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In previous years when watching these ‘Fat TV’ reality shows, one message has been crystal clear − you are the problem and you need to change that problem. Take responsibility for your own actions and change your life. Many of the contestants come onto the show with low self-esteem and have never had the opportunity to take responsibility for their own actions; they were caught in a vicious cycle.

For those who are unhappy with being overweight (these shows suggest that every single person who is overweight is unhappy), there is little to no help in place from our government and society to stop this cycle of over-eating, under exercising and most importantly, eating the wrong foods.

I can hear you saying it now – ‘Drew, not another Nanny state debate’.

Let’s have a look at other ‘addictions’ and see what has been put in place to help addicts.
You may have read my blog on pokies reform in which the Government is trialling safe guards to ‘help’ problem gamblers. Gambling is highly regulated and strict rules are in place as shown by the removal of high-profile footballer Brendan Fevola from Crown Casino last year due to being well-known for his gambling addiction.

How about smoking? There hasn’t been an advertisement for cigarettes in years and packets are now being hidden from view in stores. Add to this the plain packaging debate and you have a government that is trying to rid Australia of the problem.

In 2006, the World Health Organisation estimated that 75.7% of males and 66.5% of females in Australia will be overweight by 2010 and of that figure, 28.4% of adult males and 29.1% of adult females will be obese.

Does the Government need to become more proactive on helping resolve the Australian obesity problem or should we be responsible for putting down our own burger and fries?

Is the Government doing enough to help Australians in their battle with the bulge?

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    Actual Cat
    2nd Feb 2012
    How long have we seen campaigns encouraging healthy eating, exercise and drinking in moderation? Thirty years? And still we are becoming more and more overweight and unhealthy. Schools have had health education as part of the curriculum for at least 30 years (Life Education), yet the problems are worse now than previously - for a certain group of the population. Food is available everywhere, all of the time, in shopping malls, on the road (fast foods) and is pushed on television shows. There seems to be an obsession with food! Also, most jobs today are sedentary and require few calories - unlike a generation ago when much of the workforce laboured physically and burned up those calories. It takes willpower to eat less (food tastes good!) and nobody can do it but oneself, as hard as that might be. The best solution is to have a mother who does not overfeed you as a child and to realise that you feel pretty uncomfortable with excess kilos, so when they creep up, eat less and exercise more.

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