Apps of the month April

Get accurate, detailed and up-to-date weather forecasts at your fingertips, and use your smart device as a hearing aid, with the best free and paid app of the month. 

Paid app of the month:

Pocket Weather

Apple’s default weather app uses The Weather Channel’s data, and while this is usually good enough for a quick glance before you get dressed for the day, it lacks a lot of information and features. Also, being a worldwide service, The Weather Channel lacks the accuracy of a local nationwide service, such as that of the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), which has data available for every suburb in Australia.

The Pocket Weather app uses BOM data, but it is also well designed and intuitive. And it has a many features that leave most other weather apps behind. Features include radar, tide data, weather warnings and a terrific graph that shows how the temperature will change over the day. You can add favourite locations simply by postcode, and the ‘Feels-like Temperature’ function helps to ensure that you won’t get caught in the wrong clothing.

Available on iPhone and iPad for $2.49.

Available on Android for $1.99.


Free app of the month:


If you’ve been having trouble with your hearing recently, and aren’t ready to invest in a hearing aid – or are not in a financial position to do so – this app may help. A smartphone has all the technological components needed for a hearing aid; a microphone, earphones and a powerful and quick processor. All that’s needed is an app that uses these features. BioAid, developed by scientists at the University of Essex, takes advantage of the smart technology. The ability to amplify quiet noises whilst quietening loud ones will make certain activities, such as watching TV, much easier.

Available for free on iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an Android version available yet. Other apps that perform a similar task are available. Petralex and Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) are the two best free options available for Android, but results and functionality will vary with different devices.


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