Are my photos deleted for good?

Trish has been a bit careless with her holiday photos and wants to know if there is any way she can retrieve them.


Q. Trish
I recently returned from a European river cruise and while I was catching up with my family I caught my five-year-old granddaughter going through the photos and deleting some of them at random. I think she managed to delete about 20 or 30 shots. Is there a way to retrieve these images or are they gone for good?

A. Even though you are not able to view the pictures that have been deleted from your phone, the raw data of the images will remain. The only way that the raw data will be removed is if it is overwritten with new information. So, to increase the chances of recovering your lost files, the first step is to make sure you don’t take any new photos or videos.

To recover the lost files, you will need to download the appropriate software. There are free tools available on the internet for this purpose. One example is Hetman Photo Recovery, but there are plenty more.

The process of recovery of lost photos is quite simple and effortless. The program guides you to make this process as easy as possible. 

Only three steps are required to get back your precious and valuable photos  – first, choose a disk or any other removable media with deleted files; second, choose a scan mode (and some additional options); and third, recover your photos.

Hopefully, you will be able to recover your lost files, and next time keep an eye on the grandkids around your phone.

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