ASCCA Creative Writing Competition 2009 – Section 2: “Caring” – Poetry

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Section 2: “Caring” – Poetry

First Place – Robyn Nance – U3A Nepean Blue Mountains –

© Caring & Sharing

It’s been 45 years since we were wed

And received official approval to share a bed!

In our youthful innocence we were unaware

Of all the things we would eventually share.

How proud we were of our first ‘new home’

It was really there the first seeds of lasting love were sewn,

Despite a few setbacks we were young and free

Till lo and behold, baby Chris made three.

Loving and sharing filled our days and nights

With Chris’ every achievement a major highlight,

With so much love, we still wanted more

And with our little Julie, we became four.

With space a problem we moved to Winston Hills

(Just how did we mange to pay the bills?)

Onwards and upwards we did strive

With Andy, our son, making a ‘complete’ five.

Queensland became our ‘promised land’

With both of us in much demand,

So much so it became apparent

We would need our own business for so much talent!

Sharing the load we were a magic team

Those years working together seem like a dream

From promotions and marketing to even Mackay

It’s hard to imagine how time did fly.

So much happened, I can’t even begin

Europe, England and back again

Though most of it now just a golden haze

The memories we shared for the rest of our days.

Remember the farm and the fun times there?

Just a few more marvellous memories to share,

How excited we were to be back in Sydney town

And let’s face it; life has been more up than down.

Perhaps a few brief moments when we thought life wasn’t fair

But we never lost sight that each other was there

I would never have missed each experience with you

And I know that the love I felt, you felt too.

When you lost life’s battle, early this year

And the family grieved and shed many a tear,

I clung to the memory of why I loved you so much

It’s because of 45 years of each loving touch.

Second Place – Marion Haynes – Westlakes Seniors Computer Club

© The Train of Life

My Love, you have travelled on the train of life

And stopped at many stations,

Until at last, a final stop,

You have reached your destination.

Pain can no longer trouble you

Nor aggravation rile.

And I now picture on your face

An ever present smile.

“There are many rooms, in my Father’s House”

Is the promise from above.

And He will take you in His arms

And surround you with His Love.

Third Place – David Evans – U3A Nepean Blue Mountains

© Couples in the Park

Strolling in the park, he and she –

Aging, overweight, their bodies long past beauty;

Yet they dress with care and with colour,

Each for the other,

With affection.

In their minds—as a melody is remembered,

An orchestra imagined in the silence—

They perceive themselves

Not as time and weariness have tarnished them,

But as they were so many decades past

And will remain: their psyches fresh and young –

The husks alone have grown grotesque.


When the laughter dances in your eyes

The watcher on the bench can almost fail

to notice the staggering gait

Your twisted limbs have forced on you.

You hold your companion’s hand,

Not for support but with love,

And looking at him you do not see

The broken paving stone

That sends you sprawling to the ground.

As the young man stands beside you

Offering no assistance,

The watcher frowns, offended.

“Help her!” his thoughts become

A silent, outraged shout.

But you regain your feet unaided

And resume your conversation undisturbed.

Nothing strange has happened:

You fell, you rose,

And confidently go upon your way.

Special Mention – Christine Behl – U3A Nepean Blue Mountains

© My Pop

The screen door slams behind me

And I know, without looking, he’ll be there

His tall frame stooped,

His gnarled hands

Conducting an emphasis to his words.

My mother, busy at the stove,

Nods in reply as he expounds his views

On pollies, papers,

Family history.

He is garrulous in her company.

He murmurs a gruff greeting

As I throw down my bag and rush out to play.

Watching as I go

He smiles fondly,

Then returns to the news of the day.

Later I see him heading home,

His brown felt hat pushed back on his head.

Quickly I skip up

To say hello

And he reaches down to take my hand.

In quiet company we stroll

Along the street until we reach the lane

Where he gives my head

A loving pat

And raises his hand in mute farewell…

…Until tomorrow.


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