ASCCA Q&A – Trojan Horse Virus

Computer viruses are scary to us all. This issue, Tony Lenn of ASCCA answers YOURLifeChoices subscriber Bill H’s question about Trojan Horse Virus.

Q. Having trouble with a trojan horse virus called GENERAIC9.XLD. This virus keeps appearing every time I turn on my computer. I’ve run avg to get rid of it but it still keeps coming back. Being a senior I am completely at loss as to a solution. I am hoping your computer expert can help me out with the problem.

A. Fortunately I have not had Bill’s problem, but by doing a little web searching I found a number of ways to get rid of viruses, many of which required the download, registration and purchase of software. Also looking at a notice board I found the following text, which is reputed to work with AVG anti-virus software that Bill says he already has installed.

Answer by e.patterson Submitted on 4/6/2004:

You should not need to reformat. Firstly you should download AVG’s free antivirus. Its at grisoft. Next, if you have windows m.e it is quite easy to get rid of the trojan horses. Run AVG and it will heal ALMOST all the files. You will then be left with a file of the trojan (or several files depending on which it is) in your restore file. Make a note of the numbers that AVG comes up with these will be cpy files. Then you will need to unhide all hidden files. This will result in showing your restore file DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE. Next right click my computer, then right click properties and click the performance tab. At the bottom of that page, click the file system tab and on the next page click troubleshooting. Then on the final page find the disable restore file and check the box and click apply. You will then need to restart your computer. It might start in safe mode but usually M.E starts straight up. Before looking for the files by hand, open my computer then open c drive and right click on the restore file you will be presented with a chance to scan again with AVG. Do this and you will probably find the trojan has automatically been deleted, if not you will have to search for the files by hand and delete them. This sounds like a lot of work but it only takes about five mins from start to finish once you have AVG installed. I get trojans as regular as clockwork and find this is as easy a way as any to get rid of them again. For other malware I suggest ‘spybot’ search and destroy 1.2. This gets rid of spyware and also CWShredder for any other annoying little problems. All three can safely be run side by side and all are free for home users. Hope this helps some of you at least.

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