Question and answer – Outlook shutdown

This week in our technology section, Tony Lenn from the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) answers Bob’s question about Outlook Express shutdown.

Q. Bob

I am having trouble with my Outlook Express connection. Over the last few weeks I am being instantly disconnected as soon as I click on the Outlook icon.

The Outlook window appears and then it disconnects. I am using Windows 98 and Optusnet as my ISP connections. Several phone calls to the Optusnet helpline has not solved the problem. And another problem – many e-mails have pictures attached but all that appears when opened is a red cross in a small box in the top left hand side inside the frame. Any suggestions please?

A. It sounds as if you are using dial up access to the internet. The first thing to check is the ‘options’ under the ‘tools’ menu. There is an option under ‘connections’ where Outlook Express hangs up after receiving messages. If there are no messages then Outlook will hang up soon after it is connected. The second problem may also be a setting in the options. There is an option in the Security tab to ‘block images and other external content in html e-mail’.

Hope this helps, Tony Lenn.