Best value smartphone for $500

YourLifeChoices member Tom wants to know which smartphone at around $500 is the best value from a trusted well-known brand.

Q. Dear Drew,

I would like to buy a new smartphone close to $500 in value, preferably a well-known and trusted brand.

Could you please list your top five recommendations (with star ratings) and the places for the best deal?

Thank you


A. Hi Tom,

Until recently, I would have included a Huawei brand phone in my recommendations, but with the recent US trade bans on the company, I would be avoiding all Huawei smartphones.

In no particular order, I’ve listed below the top five options around $500 currently available in Australia.

Samsung Galaxy A8 32GB – RRP $549

A consistent performer from a well-known brand, integrated with top of the line parts, the Samsung Galaxy A8 32GB is a solid choice.

This smartphone with a solid 16MP camera can be the go-to for all your travels and has a battery life of up to 24 hours’ talk time.

If you are interested in an Android device from a well-known brand at around $500, then this is the choice.

Google Pixel 3a 64GB – RRP $649

A new release from Google, this is the company’s attempt at introducing a budget-friendly smartphone to the market with a fast processor, great camera and decent storage capacity.

Google promises three years of Android OS and security updates with the Pixel 3a, making it among the best long-term support propositions you can get from an Android device.

Apple iPhone 6s 32GB – $489  

Old faithful, you know what you are getting with an iPhone. A simple, easy to use, well supported smartphone with decent battery life, a good camera and access to the Apple App store.

If you are looking for something a little newer than the 6s, you should consider purchasing a used iPhone from trade websites such as Gumtree or eBay.

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Written by Drew

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