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Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association Inc (ASCCA) – a non-profit organisation linking computer clubs for Seniors. ASCCA advises and supports existing clubs and helps with the establishment of new clubs. The association has produced a development kit which provides a blueprint to begin a club. ASCCA also undertakes liaison with governments and other organizations on behalf of its members.
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Brisbane Seniors Online – a voluntary organisation set up to help the over 50s in the Greater Brisbane Area learn the basics of computers and the internet.
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Community IT Group Inc – a fully volunteer based group, located in The Parks Community Centre at Angle Park, South Australia. If you are over 40 and don’t know anything about computers, or if you have one but don’t how to use it then then this group is for you.
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Cyber Seniors provides assistance to seniors who are just starting out upon their internet journey – links, contacts and more.
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Darwin Seniors Computer Club. For all seniors over the age of 55 living in Darwin or anywhere in the Northern Territory of Australia, this club is run and maintained by voluteers.
Go there was launched on 1 June 2000 in answer to the demand for a fun, interactive and regularly updated site full of quality content created by and for the 50 (ish!) online audience in the UK and beyond.
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Seniors-On Line is an incorporated, non-profit organisation, staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, SOL specialises in introducing people in the over 50 age group to computing through a well tested, innovative and very user friendly teaching program.
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SLMSeniors to help with your PC questions and problems. – Not just another seniors web site, here are real people helping seniors everyday. You’ll find lots of help and information for your PC questions and problems, and more of what seniors want on the Web. SLM stands for Software Learning Mall.
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VICNET – empowering all Victorians in the information age with the capabilities to freely publish, share and find online information and to participate in virtual communities both locally and globally
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