50 million LivingSocial accounts hacked

The computer systems of LivingSocial, the second largest daily deals website in the world, were compromised two weeks ago when an unauthorised user accessed the database and stole the names, email addresses, dates of birth and passwords (encrypted) of some users.

Customer credit card and banking information are not stored in the same database and LivingSocial has stressed that this information was not affected or accessed during the cyber attack. LivingSocial did confirm that Australian users were amongst those whose information was affected.

LivingSocial has started to contact those customers whose data may have been affected by the cyber attacks to request the user to login to create a new password for their account and to consider changing the password(s) on any other sites which use the same or similar passwords.

While the passwords were encrypted, these encryptions can be hacked given time. It is essential for you to change the password connected to your email address if it was the same as the one you used on your LivingSocial account.

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Written by Drew

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