Digital Television – How do I set up the set-top box?

For those who don't qualify for the Household Assistance Scheme, setting up your own digital set-top

Sites for UK pensioners

Living so far from home can make you feel out of touch and uninformed. The internet can help

Fitting your print job to one page

Wasting printer ink and paper can be expensive. Webmaster, Drew, has a trick to fit documents to

Easy computer problem fixes

There are a number of things which can go wrong with computers making it almost impossible for

Is wireless worth it?

I currently have a mobile and Broadband and phone via landline. I am in very close proximity to

Troubleshooting EXE files

Most free email accounts, including Gmail and Hotmail have blocked the sending and receiving of

Should you upgrade or repair your computer?

When your computers not working as it should be and you don't have a clue what the problem is,

Print screen short cut

Don’t you just hate it when you want to record a recipe, download an image or select only

Which computer should I buy?

It seems you've not long purchased the latest, most up-to-date piece of computer hardware before

Recording our thoughts

Writing down your memories and thoughts is a good brain exercise and enables you to share your

Wham spam, thank you ma’am

Q. Amy: I have been a subscriber to YOURLifeChoices enewsletter for a couple of years, but lately

Sleeping or Hibernating, saving power!

Users of Windows Vista may have noticed that they have two extra settings compared to Windows XP

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