Tech Q&A: what happens if I don’t safely disconnect USB drives?

Can you damage your USB devices by unplugging without safely disconnecting?

How to take a screenshot

Find out how to take a picture of what's on your screen.

How to copy all of your data onto your new iPhone or iPad

Find out how you can copy all of your data onto your new device, without the hassle.

Five steps for spring-cleaning your inbox

Ditch your digital clutter by spring-cleaning your inbox.

How to check for updates

Out of date software can slow down your device and make it vulnerable to hackers.

15 simple Word shortcuts

Here are 15 simple Microsoft Word shortcuts to make you more proficient.

10 tech tips you didn’t know

Using your digital devices is so much easier with our 10 clever tech tips.

How to create shortcuts so that you can find files easier

Creating shortcuts or aliases means you can find computer files in no time at all.

Improve your computer skills

We've found a few websites which cover the basics of computer and internet skills.

Free apps to reduce eyestrain

Seven free apps and tips to help prevent or reduce digital eyestrain.

Tech tips: how to bookmark your favourite websites

Bookmark your favourite websites to access them quickly and easily.

Tech Q&A: how do I stop my laptop from overheating?

Russell wrote into us because lately his laptop has been overheating.

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