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Drew looks at the four most used internet browsers and explains why you should consider changing the way you surf the internet.

Having been the most used web browser since the 90s and attaining a 95 per cent market share in 2002/2003, Internet Explorer (IE) was overtaken last year by Google Chrome as the most used web browser in the world, although IE still remains the most used browser in Australia with around a 38 per cent market share.

Most used web browsers March 2013*

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer






*Statcounter Global Stats March 2013

Internet Explorer
Installed on every PC around the world, IE has been the target of malicious software for the past 10 years. The large majority of malicious websites (those infected with viruses) target users surfing the web with IE. There were two major incidents in the past 24 months where IE was found to have major security flaws and experts urged users to use a different browser. If you are happy with IE, ensure you download the latest version so you are secure.

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Google Chrome
Overtaking IE as the most used web browser in the middle of 2012, Google Chrome (created in 2008) is a fast, well designed and secure internet browser which is extremely customisable. Chrome was one of the first browsers to implement a feature (Incognito) which allows the user to browse websites without any cookies or history being stored on their computer. The main drawcard for new Google Chrome users is how customisable the software is with apps, themes and extensions all available.

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Mozilla Firefox
Since its launch in 2003, Mozilla Firefox had been the main rival to Internet Explorer. Over the past couple of years, the market share of Firefox has declined due to many users making the switch to Google Chrome. Firefox is still my preferred browser of choice, but there is very little difference between Chrome and Firefox. Firefox is customisable just like Chrome, but developers are now more focused on making extensions and apps for Chrome instead of Firefox.

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Apple Safari
Installed on every new Mac, Safari is a well made browser with no bells or whistles. There are a few compatibility issues with different websites, but in my time using Safari, I only came across two websites which had issues adapting to the browser. Safari is a step up from Internet Explorer, but shouldn’t be chosen over Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Which internet browser do you use and why?

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