Are your devices getting slower with age?

There may be a simple reason behind your device slowdown and even a quick fix.

Do devices slow down with age?

Dealing with a device that has consistently slowed down the longer you’ve had it? There may be a simple reason behind this slowdown and even a quick fix to the issue.

In late 2017 it was discovered that Apple has been implementing software updates that slowdown your smart device in an attempt to prevent sudden shutdowns caused by an ageing battery. Apple has always offered a replacement batter service for slightly over $100 while most Android batteries are easily replaced as well.

Despite popular opinion, there is no evidence to suggest that outside of batteries (mainly lithium), that ageing computers, tablets and smartphones slow down as they age.

The installation of software is the lead cause of device slowdowns. Through excessive caching of software content and settings, the device uses more RAM, fills up storage space and uses the computer's processing unit while minimised. As you continue to install more and more software/apps, your device will slow down even further.

To fix this issue, close any programs that are not in use and delete any software/apps that you no longer require.

Have you noticed your device slowing down recently?



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    29th Mar 2018
    Hello Drew

    I'm currently running an Asus laptop with an I5 processor operating windows 8.1. For the past four years it has performed to my requirements and has outlasted Hp and Toshiba units owned previously. Speeds attained still seem ok, although internet explorer has a
    frustrating tendency to " freeze " when least convenient.

    I'm hoping the unit will continue to operate reliably into the future, notwithstanding
    other disconcerting" quirks " such as the live tiles suddenly ceasing to operate for no
    apparent reason and then being restored to full functionality some days later, again for
    no apparent reason.

    Perhaps the unit is serving notice that it is coming to the end of its serviceable life - if it
    was a motor vehicle I might consider a major overhaul. I know " Geeks" perform this work,
    but consider their hourly rate to be expensive.

    Would appreciate any comment you have to offer - cheers
    30th Mar 2018
    I will be interested to see if Drew replies as I have never had a reply when I emailed about a problem.
    2nd Apr 2018
    mr.auspicious, I have a laptop ASUS that is some 7 years old and runs like new. I did do a factory reset after I have saved all files to a external hard drive. I used that to keep all data. Photos etc.

    Once the PC was reverted to factory condition and then spent the next few days updating and re installing main software, the PC has worked a treat for the last 18 months.

    I have also just recently installed a dual boot system with Windows and Linux Lite. My background was mainframe use, so I installed Linux Lite. The laptop handles both beautifully, with out any problems or degradation of the power and usability.

    If you find that your pc is in fact not able to be cleaned up effectively and speed is not enhanced, perhaps a factory reset would work, a pain but worth it. Also once that is done consider Linux as a dual boot system. There is plenty of info out there and really Linux is no where as power hungry or resource intensive as Windows. Also you have a lot less worry about viruses and hacking etc etc. Have a squiz see what you think. I am also running a old NetBook on Linux Mint Cinnamon and a desk top pc that is some 12 years old with a factory reset and works quicker than anything?
    29th Mar 2018
    Yes, the speed of the device is quicker than my brain...Thank god for the device !!!
    29th Mar 2018
    Apple now offer to change the battery for $39. I think it applies to iPhone 6 mainly. After I changed the battery, the apps now all run much better and a charge will last very much longer.
    30th Mar 2018
    I had the battery replaced on my iPhone 6 Plus a couple of weeks ago. The replacement battery still runs down very quickly. Anyone else had this problem with a replacement battery?
    29th Mar 2018
    Drew Patchell's article is spot on. Perhaps mr.auspicious you need to perform a
    1. system clean up.
    2. After that you can also defrag your machine which puts all your files / data in a nice clean sequence.
    3. Clean up your start menu so that only required programs load.

    These things should be performed regularly and they do not cost you anything but a little time.

    Give it a go and see if that helps.
    2nd Apr 2018
    Thanks H - have performed system clean up and defrag which has
    helped. Also have eliminated non essential apps.

    Probably the unit's performance is as good as it gets
    for a laptop closing on 4 years - have been advised that
    installation of digital hard drive might further extend
    serviceable life / improve performance. Whether the
    cost can be justified is a further complication - cheers

    30th Mar 2018
    Have you noticed your device slowing down recently?

    Unfortunately yes - seriously considering going on the blue pill

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