Five time-saving technology tips

These little-known technology tips will help you to use any computer like a pro. Even if you think you’re tech-savvy, we bet there’s at least one tip in here you didn’t know.

When scrolling on the web, don’t pick up the mouse and use the scroll wheel – it’s a waste of time. Instead, hit the Spacebar to scroll down exactly one page. To go back up, hold down the Shift key, then hit the Spacebar.

When filling in forms on the web, such as your address, hit the Tab key to move from box to box. When you come to a drop-down menu, such as choosing your country of residence, don’t use the mouse to open it. Instead, when you have tabbed across to it, type the first letter of the country you want – if you keep pressing A it will sort through the countries beginning with A, eventually bringing you to Australia.

To increase the size of text on the web, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and press the + key. To make it smaller again hold down the Ctrl key and press the – key. If you are using a Mac, replace the Control key with the Command key.

When highlighting a word, don’t drag your cursor over it. To highlight a single word, simply double click it. If you wish to delete highlighted text, don’t bother hitting the Delete key. Instead, simply start typing – the highlighted text will automatically be overwritten.

Google is not just a search tool – it is also a dictionary. Type ‘Define’, followed by the word you want defined, and Google will give you an answer. You can also use Google as a unit and currency converter. For example, typing ‘1AUD to USD’ will give you the current conversion rate from Australian Dollars to US dollars. You can also try ‘3.4 cups to tablespoons’ to get a unit conversion – this is very handy when cooking.

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