How to clean your smartphone, monitor or laptop screen

Remove those smudges and stains without ruining your screen.

How to clean your smartphone, monitor or laptop screen

No matter whether you use a desktop monitor, tablet, laptop or smartphone, cleaning your screen regularly ensures smudges and stains are dealt with before they cause any permanent damage.

The method for cleaning your screen is very particular, so that you don’t cause any damage to the fragile surface. The majority of manufacturers recommend that a lint-free cloth is used in the cleaning process. If you don’t have a lint-free cloth, you should be able to purchase one from your local supermarket, computer store or any office supply store. Additionally, you can purchase a specific monitor-cleaning liquid from these stores to help in the cleaning process if you have a significant build-up of smudges, stains and gunk. I personally find water works well enough as long as you clean your screen on a regular basis.

To clean your screen, moisten your lint-free cloth with plain water and wipe it gently over your screen to remove any dust. Wash the cloth to remove all traces of dust and wring out dry. If you have purchased a monitor-cleaning liquid, spray the liquid directly onto your cloth (never spray liquid onto the surface of your screen) and gently wipe your screen (if you have no specific monitor-cleaning liquid, use water). Run the cloth over areas where marks appear a number of times gently. Wash the liquid out of the cloth and wring out dry. Now wipe your screen a final time with the dry cloth to remove any streaking. You should aim to clean your monitor at least once every three months.

Do you have any tricks or tips to share about how you best clean your monitor?



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    19th Mar 2019
    Good idea to use an American video showing a product that is not sold in Australia. I use Maguires glass cleaner on our outdoor black glass topped table, I shall check that for ammonia, failing that a specific product for this purpose.
    19th Mar 2019
    At the risk of stating the obvious, before cleaning a computer screen, ensure the equipment
    has been switched off - ideally clean the screen before you boot up the device......
    19th Mar 2019
    Grandma sees the laptop on the desk and decides to include it in her morning bed making and dusting schedule...
    She thinks the screen is made out of glass and scrubs it like a dirty window. But it ain't glass and it ain't switched off.
    Next day the laptop is not working and the repairman says it needs a new screen.
    19th Mar 2019
    I find the liquid they give you when buying eyeglasses is fantastic for screens, use a microfiber cloth and doesn't leave streaks. Water's okay if you use a very small amount otherwise tends to smear.

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