How to clear your browser history and empty its cache

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Are you having problems browsing the internet? You may have some nasties in your browser history and cache. Here’s how to clear them and restart with a clean slate.

Internet Explorer

  • With your browser open, go to Tools > Safety, then click ‘Delete browsing history’.
  • Select the data you want to remove. It’s best to check the boxes next to ‘Browsing history’, ‘Cached images or temporary internet files’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Download history’, ‘Saved form data’ and ‘Saved passwords’.
  • Click ‘Delete’.


Microsoft Edge

  • Click on the three lines at the top right-hand corner of your browser. This is called the ‘Hub’.
  • Go to ‘History’.
  • Select ‘Clear all history’ > ‘Show more’. From here you can choose the data you want to remove.
  • Select the same data types as above.
  • Click ‘Clear’.


Google Chrome

  • Click the Chrome menu on the top right-hand side of your browser or go to Chrome in top menu, then click ‘Preferences’.
  • Go to ‘History’ and click ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • A menu will appear that gives you the option for how much history you want to delete, from ‘the last hour’ to ‘the beginning of time’. If you want to clear your entire history, click ‘the beginning of time’.
  • Here you can also check the data you want to clear. I recommend that you select ‘Browsing history’, ‘Download history’, ‘Cookies’, and ‘Cached images and files’.
  • Once you’ve selected what you want to delete, click ‘Clear browsing data’.


  • Go to the top menu and click ‘History’ > ‘Clear recent history’.
  • A menu will appear with options for the time range you wish to delete, as well as the type of data you wish to remove.
  • Check the boxes next to ‘Browsing & Download history’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Cache’ and ‘Active logins’.
  • Click ‘Clear Now’.


  • Click on ‘Safari’ at the top left-hand side of the browser.
  • Go to ‘Clear history and website data.
  • Select your desired time range to clear.
  • Click ‘Clear history’.
  • Quit Safari and once you reopen it, your cache will also be cleared.

There you have it. Your browser should now be free from nasties and unnecessary data that can bloat it and reduce its performance.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca


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    I also use a program called “CCleanerProfessional” to clean everything out.

  2. 0

    Thank you for the wonderful article on clearing your history. I use Firefox and as per usual I tried to find the Tools part so I could do the clearing – well guess what I couldn’t find it!!! What a surprise – I am tired of computer gurus who say “just do this” and when you go to do it, you don’t know what they are talking about, where to find what they are saying, and best of all it makes you feel even more stupid than before you tried to do. Thanks for the moral boost – much appreciated. Just going to gather in my dinosaur and take it for a walk.

  3. 0

    If you use the Google Chrome or the old Chromium browser be careful because every time you clear the history including Facebook logins, next time you want to login into Facebook it will not recognise your machine and you will have to remember your password to login or worst, you will need to change your password. best to clear your website visits history is by search of individual sites in the history mode and avoid clearing Facebook. this goes for Facebook cookies as well.

  4. 0

    Great that YLC has now provided good info like this. What about other I.T. sort of step by step info such as simplest and nil cost backing up procedures plus other computer clean up and speed improving etc solutions. Good info also from others here and Intellego re CCleaner

    • 0

      johnp- try BleachBit– but learn what it does first and what you shouldn’t do before cleaning your system. Things like ‘Cache’,’Temporary Files’ and ‘Trash’ are fine, but, be careful ,very careful choosing other components for clean out if you don’t know nor understand how it might compromise your system…leave those alone. The three I mentioned will clean out the heart and the guts of what is stored inside the cache such as unwanted .jpg, .jpeg, bmp, gif, .doc and other pictures that you thought you deleted but you really didn’t because trash deletion simply stores them inside the system’s thumbnail folder. BleachBit does the job.

  5. 0

    You need to clean your phones and tablets as well.

  6. 0

    You need to clean your phones and tablets as well.

  7. 0

    Unfortunately the delete history function doesn’t work on my android phone.

  8. 0

    Keep in mind people if you delete your “Cookies” each time you use your favourite websites for the first time again you we need to input user names, passwords, also any website that remembers your details to make your life easier may well be gone also.

    Cookies are there to make computer use easier, quicker and just basically a great experience when on the web. I never clear mine and it creates NIL issues, also they take up extremely small amount of space.

  9. 0

    You can clear your cookies or go to setting and clear browsing data. clash of clans pc hacks

  10. 0

    When Websites are not loaded with the latest data, it could be because you have to delete cached files, in order to let the browser download new data. Discover dozens of crazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes. Outsmart your opponents with your unique robot design!

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