How to customise your desktop background and appearance

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Are you one of those people who leaves default settings on your computer? Personalising your PC can make it feel a bit more like your computer, and it is not difficult to do. You can make it look better just by changing your wallpaper.

The wallpaper is the image that appears behind the icons on your computer’s desktop. It is also referred to as the desktop background. On most computers, you can change your background by right-clicking the desktop and selecting ‘Personalize’ (yes, on most computers you will also have to deal with the American spelling of words).

Once there, select ‘Desktop Background’. You will then see the selection of default images that were included with your computer, any of which you can choose to set as the default background.

If you want to select one of your own images, either a holiday snap, or a pic of the grandkids, or whatever takes your fancy, the process is just as easy.

Once you have an image or images (you can run your background as a slideshow rather than limiting yourself to just one image) selecting it is simply a matter of placing the files on your desktop.

As a rule, any images you select to run as your desktop background should have a resolution of at least 1024 x 768, otherwise they could appear very grainy or pixelated when stretched out over your entire screen.

Then, just right-click the image and select ‘set as desktop background’.

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