Does my browser really need to know my location?

We share everything online, but location doesn’t have to be one of them.

How to lay low online

So, the web browser on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android or any other device is prompting you to ‘use your location’ but you’re hesitant and don’t know what to do.

We’ve all been there: when a website of any sort asks you for your location and gives no explanation as to how this very personal data will be used.

In some cases, websites are ‘location-aware’, like an online shop, meaning visitors can be asked for their general geographical positions, so the website can serve more relevant results and point you in the direction of their nearest location.

By agreeing to share your location with the website, the browser (for example, Google Chrome) is able to collect your device’s IP address and data from nearby Wi-Fi hot spots (IP is Internet Protocol: the method in which data is sent from your computer to the internet). The browser then sends these details to a provider, such as Google Location Services, which can analyse and pinpoint your spot on the map. The browser then shares your location with the site that originally requested it.

If this is a privacy issue for you, as it is for many others, and you want to protect your information, it’s vital to click ‘decline’ when a website asks to share your location’.

Further, if you’re sick and tired of being pestered by different sites, it is important to learn how to turn off your location settings for your browser type. Find out how by using the links provided below.

Have you ever been pestered by location notifications? Tell us what your experience was like below.



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    14th May 2018
    Thanks; a good tip, found a few who had checked my location now removed
    Yup I Know
    14th May 2018
    It neither here nor there. I mean the AFP aren't going to cone and grab you
    14th May 2018
    Check out the article in today's newspaper. Even removing the SIM card does not prevent Google knowing your location. You have to turn the phone off completely for that!
    14th May 2018
    My IP server reckons I live in Sydney, and even up to Port Macquarie. I live at the other end of the state, so it wouldn't do the websites any good to know where I am!
    14th May 2018
    Maybe having a VPN will help.
    15th May 2018
    What about Microsoft Edge?

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