How to make and organise folders

Ryan’s simple guide will teach you how to easily de-clutter your desktop.

How to make and organise folders

If you struggle to keep track of all the icons and files on your computer’s desktop, learning how to make and organise folders could make your desktop easier to navigate, and bring back that wallpaper which can get hidden under all the icons.

Scroll down to learn how to make and organize folders for Windows, or, if you’re a Mac user, click here.

Windows XP, Vista and 7 and 8.

First, go to your desktop and right click on your background. Then move your mouse pointer to “New” and click on “Folder”.

Now you will be able to type a name for your new folder, and if you ever want to rename it in the future, just right click on the folder and select “Rename”.

Now that you’ve got your folder and named it, you can put some files into it. To do this, click your left mouse button down and hold it, then drag over the items you would like to move (alternatively you can hold down Control or CTRL and then click on the items which you would like to select). Now click on one of the items (any one will do) and drag it into the new folder.

Viola! Your folder is now holding a few items and saving you some desktop space, as well as revealing that wallpaper which had previously been hidden.

You can make folders inside other folders and locations, to do so, simply follow the steps above in the desired location. 

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    30th Oct 2014
    Been there ! Done that !! Long Ago !!!
    30th Oct 2014
    So you're not just a pretty face Particolor ?
    30th Oct 2014
    No !! I'm GORGEUS !!
    31st Oct 2014
    Not sure why you would store folders on your desktop, particularly if you have a lot. Store them in My Documents or My Pictures, put the Windows Explorer icon on your bottom task bar and use that as your access point. Easy peasy. And you can see even more of you wallpaper!
    31st Oct 2014
    Thank You !! They were covering up too much flesh on My wallpaper !!
    31st Oct 2014
    Thanks. Had not thought of doing that.

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