How to watch catch up TV

Find out what catch up TV is and how to watch it on each of the free-to-air stations.

How to watch catch up TV

Catch up TV means watching a television episode after it has already aired on TV, by downloading it via the internet and watching it on your computer. When you watch catch up TV the episode is not saved on your computer forever – instead you ‘stream’ it, similar to watching a YouTube video. Each of the five major free-to-air television stations in Australia has its own website. You can watch catch up TV on these five websites, although the mechanism is slightly different for each.

The Freeview website is a handy resource, as it has links to all five catch up TV websites in one place. 

How to watch ABC catch up TV  
You can watch ABC catch up TV through the ABC iView website. It offers programs from all the ABC stations. Episodes of current television programs are only available for 14 days, but ABC iView also offers complete seasons of older shows and made-for-television movies. To watch ABC iView, visit the ABC iView website. You can either click ‘Watch Now’ to see what’s new or popular, ‘Programs’ to look for your program in an alphabetical list, or you can use the search box in the top right-hand corner of the page to find your program. Once you have clicked on the program you can pick from the available episodes. To watch an episode, click the picture of the show with ‘Watch Program’ written at the bottom.

How to watch SBS catch up TV  
SBS catch up TV can be watched at the SBS On Demand website. You can find your television program by clicking the ‘Programs’ tab, or watch a movie by clicking the ‘Films’ tab. Once you have clicked on a program, choose the episode from the box below the video viewer and, once you have clicked the episode, your video will start automatically.

How to watch Channel 7 catch up TV  
Channel 7’s catch up TV is hosted at the Plus 7 website. You can find new and popular shows on the homepage, or click the ‘Browze A–Z’ tab to find your show by name. If you click a show on the homepage the latest episode will start to play automatically. If you click on a show from the A–Z list then you will need to choose an episode from the list on the right hand side of the page. Once you click an episode, it will begin to play automatically.

How to watch Channel Nine catch up TV  
You can watch Channel Nine catch up TV on the ninemsn website. The most recent shows and the shows which are about to expire will be available from the homepage. If you wish to look for a particular show, you can either browse the selection by clicking the ‘Browse All Shows’ button in the top right hand corner of the page, or search for the show by name – the search bar is located beside the ‘Browse All Shows’ button. Once you have clicked on a show look through the list to find the episode you wish to watch. Then, click the ‘Watch Now’ button beside the episode name. Your video will play automatically.

How to watch Channel Ten catch up TV  
Channel Ten hosts its catch up videos at the Ten Play website. You can either browse the videos casually or, if you sign up for an account, you can save your favourite shows into playlists to make them easier to find next time. If you are simply browsing, you can find your show by name or genre. Once you have clicked on a show, click on the ‘Episodes’ tab. Next, click the tab number relating to the season you wish to watch. Scroll through the available episodes to find the one you wish to watch, and click ‘Watch Episode’. Your video will begin to play automatically.

Do you watch catch up TV? Has it helped you to avoid missing crucial episodes, or is it just another way of complicating television watching?


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    17th Oct 2013
    I am an avid user/watcher of ABCiview! We only have one television, never had more. I like to be able to watch drama series, documentaries, comedy, current affairs programmes via my pc. The beauty of ABC also, is that if you need to leave a programme before it is completed, when you return the programme is exactly where you stopped viewing! No need to fast forward to find "the spot" Most of the programmes are available for quite some time and some series episodes all remain until the series has ended. I have not had so much luck with the free to air commercial channels, however will give that freeview link a go!
    17th Oct 2013
    Please excuse my ignorance but does "streaming" affect your available Download amount?
    17th Oct 2013
    Yes it does count toward your usage, not sure how much. I watch the ends of the shows I've missed. I record shows with extra time on the end, but then the dumb reality shows run over time. So I usually miss the end of my recorded show hence the need to watch on line. I have a 25 G download and have never been over and with Telstra it just slows down anyway so never costs more than the contract price. Love technology :-))
    A. N. Onymous
    17th Oct 2013
    ABC iView is unmetered on computers for some ISPs so that the streaming does not count towards download allowances of those companies. It is metered on other devices. Go to for full details.
    18th Oct 2013
    I have a bad habit of falling asleep while watching TV, even my favorite programmes, so Catch Up TV is a boon to me
    18th Oct 2013
    I often use these "catch-up" sites, but I usually have the most trouble with the Channel 7 one, as it often tells me..."this program is not found"... (or similar), when the program I am requesting has been recently watched by me! Generally I have found them to be very useful when I have missed one of the (many!) TV shows that I watch. I rarely watch live TV, except for AFL & sometimes the news or CH 2--"Gruen Transfer", as I can only record 3 shows at once, & when this is on Wednesday nights, I am already recording 3 shows. I am hard of hearing so I record as much as I can, then when something is said very softly, I can rewind the HD recorder & turn the volume up so that I can make out what has been said--often this is the "crux" of the talking, which I would otherwise not understand or hear. Recording the shows I like to watch, also means that I am not "forced" to have to watch commercials! Bonus!
    19th Nov 2013
    Hi. Can I 'Save' a TV episode - for later viewing - after or during download?

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