How to watch TV and movies online for free

Rachel shares with five legal ways to watch television and movies online, most of which are free.

Ever heard of Netflix? Quickflix is Australia’s answer to this American website. You can rent movies online and have them delivered either as a DVD through the post, or by streaming them instantly to your computer. If you go with Quickflix Post, you choose the movie you wish to watch and Quickflix will post you a DVD. You watch it and then send it back in a pre-paid postage pack. If you go with Quickflix Play, then you simply choose your movie and start streaming it to your computer immediately. The downside to the first option is that it takes time for the DVD to arrive. The downside to the second is that it uses up your internet data. Prices range from $14.99 to $29.99 per month.

ABC iView
ABC iView is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) free online player. The television shows are streamed directly to your computer, so even though the service is free, it is a good idea to note that you are using your internet data. You can watch the most recent one or two episodes of currently airing shows, just in case you missed one. There are also hundreds of older shows in the archive, with full seasons available for you to enjoy at your leisure.

BBC iPlayer
The BBC iPlayer website is not currently available to those outside the United Kingdom, however, it is possible to get around this if you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device. The BBC is negotiating for international streaming rights but, until then, you can always download the BBC iPlayer app onto your Apple or Android device to access a wide range of BBC television programs, from the much loved Pride and Prejudice miniseries to current dramas, comedy, news and more.

SBS on demand
SBS on demand gives you free access to SBS programs, movies and live events. You can stream the shows or movies to your computer – the only cost is to your download limit. There is also a large back catalogue of past programs, so you can browse through documentaries, foreign films and more.

You can download the Apple iTunes program for free to any computer. All Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, come with it preloaded. With iTunes you can purchase and download popular television shows and movies, which you can watch on any Apple device or simply on your computer. Unlike the other websites, you actually download the television show or movie, so you can keep it and watch it again. You can buy new movies for about $24.99, or rent them for $6.99 (you don’t get to keep the movies you rent). You can also buy individual television episodes for about $3.49. The prices will vary depending on how new or popular a show or movie is.