Improve your computer skills

We’ve found a few websites which cover the basics of computer and internet skills.

Mature smiling woman with great computer skills

Learning how to use computers and acquiring basic internet skills is invaluable for accessing information and for keeping in touch with friends and family members. Some people get a bit scared of their computer sometimes, but basic computer skills can be very easy to learn. We’ve found three user-friendly and visually-accessible websites to help you to improve your computer skills. These websites are designed specifically for the generations who did not grow up with ‘computer’ as their second language.

Skillful Senior
Skillful Senior is a computer skills site which focuses on navigation skills. The site has animated interactive tutorials with voiceover instructions to make learning fun and easy. Skillful Senior covers basic skills, like how to use a mouse, the arrow keys on the keyboard, and how to touch-type. It also addresses how you can use your computer in a way which won’t cause you any pain. 

GCF Learn Free contains many free courses which cover such subjects as technology, online literacy and many other skills. The visually-appealing site is comprised of around 750 lessons, covering basic to intermediate skill levels. Courses are interactive and are supported with articles, videos and animated tutorials.

Meganga provides online computer training for seniors and beginners. The blog-styled site is still in its infancy, but it’s good for sifting through the free lessons. Meganga’s courses include video lessons covering Microsoft Office as well as basic ‘how-to’ computer skills.

The internet is full of information on how to use computers, but it helps to know how to use a computer in order to access that information. These websites include lessons which cover the basics required to further your learning. A few baby steps and you’ll be a skilled computer-user in no time!



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    29th Jun 2016
    Look like really good info within there. Just couple questions though.
    Generally a lot of people have most of the skills shown including seniors. Couple of areas of concern though are :
    - the best, easiest ways to do backups - say docs, pics etc. Which is best - dropbox, google drive etc etc
    - improving the computers speed instead of having to go out and buy a new one after couple years (like how to reformat the drive or which program is practical and useful to improve the speed before resorting to reformatting
    - the procedures to do both of the above

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