Increased Outlook security

Drew explains how to setup Outlook’s new ‘must use’ security feature.

Increased Outlook security

Microsoft has joined competitor Gmail in offering advanced two-step account verification for its newly rebadged Outlook email product.

Over the past decade, email accounts have become an essential part of our lives and some of our most personal thoughts and conversations are privately stored in emails on our accounts. The reality is that these emails are just one smart hacker away from being compromised, especially if you have an insecure password.

Two-step account verification adds a secondary and significantly more secure level of security to your account. Your Outlook account will continue to require your normal password to be entered at log in, but you will additionally be required to enter a unique code which is sent to your mobile phone, every time you attempt to login.

Activating two-step account verification not only keeps your information safe from hackers, it also protects your friends and family from being scammed if a hacker did manage to break into your account.

Activating two-step account verification
Log into your Outlook account and navigate to your Inbox. 

In the top right-hand corner of the screen will be your full name. Left click on your name and from the box which drops down, click on ‘Account Settings’.

You will now be taken to a different website operated by Microsoft called which manages your Outlook account settings.  If you are asked to login, use your Outlook login information.

Click on the sixth option down in the left-hand side menu named ‘Security info’

The first option on this screen will be ‘Set up two-step verification’. Click on this button and on the next screen click ‘Next’.

If you already have a phone number and secondary email address set up, then you can simply click ‘Done’. If you don’t, you will be asked to enter these and then click ‘Done’.

You can turn off two-step verification at any time by repeating these steps and clicking ‘Turn off two-step verification’ where ‘Set up two-step verification’ was in the process.

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    Pass the Ductape
    14th May 2013
    Yes okay - but this seems an extremely cumbersome way to get around the problem. Probably doomed to fail before it gets off the ground.

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