Mac or PC?

If you’re planning on purchasing a new computer, the first significant consideration you will come accross at is whether to get a Mac or a Windows PC. Ask yourself these three questions to help you find out which device is more suited to you.

Is this your first computer?

If you have previously owned, or spent a lot of time using either a Mac or a PC, it might be wisest to stick with what you know. Learning to use a new operating system (OS) can take some time and may not be worth the hassle.

If you’ve never owned a computer or spent a lot of time operating one, a Mac might be the way to go. They are known for being more intuitive than Windows PCs, and because of this, you will probably find Mac a lot easier to use.

Another thing to consider if this is your first computer is the other devices you own. For example, an iPhone or iPad will sychronise much better with a Mac than with a PC, and the opposite is true for certain other devices.

What will you be using the device for?

Macs and PCs have different pros and cons, and while you can almost always perform any task on both, each OS has its unique strengths. Macs are the standard choice for the creative industry, and if you do any sort of video editing, a Mac might be the way to go. If you play 3D video games as a hobby, a PC will probably be the better choice.

If you are purchasing this new computer for work, you may wish to consider what type of computers your co-workers use. If you are planning on starting a business or working independently, Windows PCs have generally been the choice for business., but this long established convention is beginning to change, with many new businesses proudly adopting Macs as their standard. 

How much are you willing to spend?

Although prices of different models vary vastly, as a general rule Windows devices are cheaper than Macs. For example, the cheapest Mac laptop available will cost you over $1000, whereas you can find a Windows laptop from a reliable and well-known brand for about half of that price. However, Apple takes great pride in the build quality of its devices and the ease with which one can have theirs fixed or replaced.

If you have a tight budget for your new computer, a Windows PC is probably the way to go. If you’re a little more flexible, consider either a Mac or a higher end PC.

Have you determined which will suit you better? Let us know which type of computer you use in the comments, and any strengths or weaknesses which you think it has. 

Written by ryanbo