How to get your texts for free

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SMS is fast becoming the preferred means of communication between Australians and with a little know-how, sending a text message need not cost you a cent.

Studies have shown that Australians are increasingly downloading and using free apps to send text and picture messages instead of sending SMS. Will this mean the end of the humble SMS? And do we care if we can send messages for free?

iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry
is an application which you can download to any iPhone, Android, Nokia or Blackberry Smartphone. It is one of the few applications which allow you to send free text and picture messages to different types of mobile phones, and it has a group chat function which allows you to talk with more than one person in the same conversation. If texting isn’t your thing, or it is but you have tired thumbs, you can also send free voice messages.

Via website
Yakedi is a free website which allows you to send SMS messages from your phone number to your friends’. It only works with Australian and New Zealand numbers and you can send a maximum of three texts per day. But it’s free and there are no advertisements in the messages you send. To start free texting, visit the Yakedi website.

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    0 offers 40 free sms daily and reaches scores of countries.

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    If you have your phone on voip with Pennytel you get 50 free sms a month plus 8c untimed calls to over 70 countries.

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    why didnt I know about all these sights for free calls, I have wasted so much money , I wonder which one is the best??? any ideas???

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    I have a Virgin Sony Ericcsson Experia X10 Android postpaid phone which costs me $29 a month for $450 of talk and text. The quirky keyboard is the same as an ordinary one so I’m not forever pushing buttons for one letter. Between this phone and my other Sony Ericsson which I also use for calls at 35 cents anywhere in Oz I don’t miss a landline one bit.

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      yes i’m with virgin too and its beaut i never reach my limit, and my amount gets rolled over to next month, i’m on a plan, but i only pay for what i use, so it has never got to 29 dollars ever, and i use a lot and i don’t miss my landline either.

      I can recommend virgin. beats optus and telstra hands down 🙂

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    I went on to Yakedi to join I found it so invasive they ask for so much info I’m guessing that I will get lots of junk mail from them. I logged in this morning and after entering email and password I then was asked more questions on what I liked Im not sure its worth 3 SMS or earning more by answering surveys.

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    Arrrrrrr thanks Stel, I thought as much, you dont get anything for nothing, there is always a catch and I agree with you its is definately not worth it.

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    I tried Yakedi last time you mentioned it on your website, and yes, it’s a pain. Also it did not work. And I was receiving emails from companies in the UK. So my recommendation is don’t bothers. Hope this helps save others some time & energy.

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    Always remember, on the interne, if you are not paying for a product,you are the product being sold. Happy surfing

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    I Changed to Amaysim as per recommendation from here and it is cheaper

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      Amaysim is truly Amazing – 19.90 per month (no contract) and I cannot use it all – then it gets uploaded to the next month – sooo good

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    Just checked out
    Looks really good and connects with a host of countries.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

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