Music for free

Drew explains two ways to listen to music online for free.

The music business has changed significantly over the past few years and listening to music online for free is becoming the norm. Drew explains two ways to listen for free.

Launched in Australia this year, Spotify is the number one up-and-coming music streaming program with millions of free songs on offer. Spotify allows you to create playlists, listen to your own music or explore genres by type of music or decade through pre-set ‘radio stations’. What sets Spotify apart from any other music program is that you can integrate Spotify with your Facebook friends list. This not only allows you to see what others have listened to, but the ‘What’s New’ tab recommends songs for you based on what your friends have recently played.

Spotify makes its money by playing a 15 second sponsored message in between songs every 30 minutes or so. If the advertising becomes annoying, you can pay $6.99 per month for unlimited access without ads.

Find out more at

YouTube is still the number one source for listening and watching videos. What many people don’t know is that you can create your own YouTube playlists. All you need to do is create/login to your YouTube account and then visit the first video you wish to add to a play list. Click the arrow next to the + Add To button under the video you're watching. From the drop down menu, choose Add new playlist Type in the name of your Playlist and hit enter. Add a note and choose if you want your Playlist to be public (viewable by others) or private (only viewable by you).

You have now created a playlist and you can continue to add videos by clicking the arrow next to the + Add To button under the video you’re watching and selecting the playlist you just created.

If you would rather download the video/song to your desktop, then Free YouTube Downloader or YTD Video Downloader will satisfy your needs.


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    Actual Cat
    10th Aug 2012
    My daughter gave me her unwanted iPod two weeks ago and I've already spent a packet buying all those songs from iTunes that I've dreamed of playing while driving on long trips. Thanks Drew, I'll check out spottily and see if I can save a few dollars in future!
    10th Aug 2012
    I don't think this is as good as it first appears! I went to give it a try, and it seems you have to use your Facebook account to join up (couldn't really see any other options readily available) I didn't want to do this however reluctantly pushed on. Next page was payment options..... yes sure there was a free option, but you only get 20 hours, plus ads (to help pay for the service) plus as far as I could see you could not access off line.... I've deleted it!
    10th Aug 2012
    Hi De,

    Disappointing to hear you had a bad experience. I believe they may have been pushing a free 'no ads' trial at the time of your sign up, as I have been using Spotify free version for the last month (have it playing the best of 60s station right now!).

    The offline mode I believe is only available if you pay for it (

    That is true that you do need to sign in with a Facebook account. The trick to this for people without a Facebook account is to simply take the five minutes required to create a new account (make a fake one), signup and use that to log into Spotify. All done and dusted!
    micky d.
    10th Aug 2012
    Thanks for the information Drew.
    I will be returning to Australia from Thailand within the next few weeks and I'm wondering whether it is possible to receive streaming in Oz from
    I have been enjoying their music totally free of charge and their library is gigantic. I have over 1,500 of my favourite songs which I play randomly.
    No Facebook requirement (I'm very happy to say)

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