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If you use a computer often, you’ve probably come across keyboard shortcuts in the past, or if you haven’t, this might explain how some people manage to fly through complex tasks on the computer without even touching the mouse.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly perform a function by pressing a combination of keys at the same time. 

To use any of the keyboard shortcuts below, simultaneously press the keys listed in bold – remember that these will only work on Windows 10.

Windows key + A: Opens the Action Center where you can view recent notifications and adjust some frequently used settings such as wifi, Bluetooth and screen brightness.

Windows key + I: Opens Settings where you can change the settings on your device.

Windows key + S: Opens Search, which allows you to search for files on your computer or on the internet.

Windows key + Tab: Opens Task View, which shows all of the programs you have open, allowing you to click on one to interact with it. This can be really handy when you feel like your programs are burying you.

Windows key + arrow key: Allows you to ‘snap’ a window on your screen. By pressing left or right you can snap to half of the screen, if you then press up or down you can snap to one quarter of the screen. You can also minimise the active window by pressing Windows key + down, or maximise the window to take up the whole screen by pressing Windows key + up.

The following keyboard shortcuts relate to the usage of ‘Virtual Desktops’. This new feature in Windows 10 allows your computer to pretend it has two or more screens, and you can choose which one shows on your computer screen. For example you can have your work activities on one virtual desktop and your personal activities on the other and then swap between them whenever you want.

Windows key + Ctrl + D: Creates a new virtual desktop.

Windows key + Ctrl + F4: Closes the current desktop.

Windows key + Ctrl + left or right arrow key: Switches between virtual desktops.

These keyboard shortcuts will work anywhere in Windows 10, in addition to these, most programs have their own built in. Here are some keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word.

If you want to learn some more shortcuts or refresh your memory, why not read our Top 10 keyboard shortcuts? All of these keyboard shortcuts will still work on Windows 10.

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Written by ryanbo


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    Thank you Ryan for putting this up…much appreciated. Sometimes you forget these shortcuts.

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    Is Windows 10 a good idea in the first place, I’ve heard some negative opinions about it, my
    system keeps asking me to upgrade to windows 10, so far I have resisted.

  3. 0

    I’d love some feedback from those who have installed it.
    Did anyone do it manually? If so, what did you use as a guide?
    Thanks in advance

  4. 0


    NORMY 39

  5. 0

    We hung on for a while, too. Finally tried it on a four year old AMD. All OK so we added an elderly Dell Voso 200. Still all well. We have seen reports that some and only some machines don’t want to play but no one seems to be able pin it down to any one manufacturer – or even two or three. So it may well be possible that the machines in question were faulty. I don’t know. Finally over the past two days we put it on our note book – a 14″ Compaq also about four years old. No trouble ….except that L O N G time needed. Expect an overnight stint to download if you are on wireless mobile like us, followed by a good three hours to get through the actual install and set up. After that just sit back and learn the new tricks. Not TOO many of those but you still need to study up a bit.
    Don’t forget this cost exactly us no dollars and no cents except the cost of data and a few cents from the hole in the wall..

    You still have time (just) to get in before the end of the year when it becomes some sort of pay for option but I’m not clear on costs.

    Make up your own minds; but it is not often you something free from Microsoft.

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