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Have you noticed your computer slowing down over the past year? Drew explains how a simple defrag can restore your computer to its former glory.

Have you noticed your computer slowing down over the past year? Drew explains how a simple defrag can restore your computer to its former glory.

An important part of owning a PC is making sure you maintain it. This requires you to regularly scan the computer for viruses, clean the dust out of the box on a yearly basis and should definitely also include a quarterly defrag.

Click the Start/Windows button at the bottom left of your screen. Scroll your mouse over the ‘Programs’/’All Programs’ option. From the new window which has appeared, scroll over the ‘Accessories’ folder and click it.

Depending on your version of windows, the file you are looking for will be called ‘Defrag’, ‘Disk Defragmenter’ or a similar name. If you do not see a program by this name in the folder, you should have a folder called ‘System Tools’ in the ‘Accessories’ folder. Click on this folder and the program will be there.

Open the defrag program, select the hard drive you are looking to defrag (normally your C:) and click ‘Defragment disk’. Once again, this process may be slightly different depending on the program and the version, but it should be this simple. Now leave your computer to defrag overnight and when you wake up in the morning it should have completed the process. Give your computer a full restart and you should find programs running faster.

There are a few more things that can go wrong with a Mac so we have identified below how to repair your permissions and also defrag the computer. Both of these processes should improve the speed of your computer.

Repair permissions
Open up your ‘Applications’ directory.
Open the ‘Utilities’ folder.
Open the program called ‘Disc Utility’
From the list, select your hard drive.
Click ‘repair the permissions’

Unlike with a PC, Macs don’t come with a defragging program built in. Call it arrogance, Apple believe that defragging of their Mac computers isn’t necessary, even though defragging is mentioned in the Mac user manual! Either way, defragging your computer can only result in a faster operating system and is recommended three to four times a year from experts in the computing field.

You will need to either purchase a defragging program or download a demo version. iDefrag 2 has a demo version that is severely limited in what it will do but should allow you to install the program and run a basic defrag of your computer.

It is best to leave your Mac overnight to defrag as you shouldn’t be doing anything while the defrag is operating.

To use iDefrag 2, install and open the program. You will then be presented with a list of available volumes in the left panel. Click on your main hard drive. You will now need to provide the program with more information. Click on the lock icon in the middle of the screen to authenticate, enter your information and iDefrag will start scanning your computer.


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    24th Aug 2012
    Just be sure that you don't have a solid state hard drive as it is not recommended to defrag these
    24th Aug 2012
    Totally agree with crypticpat regarding SSD (Solid State Devices).
    Also far from a defrag fan.
    This is an old program from days when Windows fragmented much more than today and when disks were much much slower.
    From long experience and associated heartache of dealing with customer machines I believe this programme (sorry, in today speak, App)is horrendously over rated and over used.
    I know people who have been advised to run it EVERY week. To make it worse that advice came from so called professionals.

    Some believe they notice an increase in performance but generally, if any it is little.
    If you MUST run it then keep fingers crossed you don't have a power down for whatever reason. In my working days the Bank manager would have advised against giving that advice.

    A much better solution is contained in housekeeping. Get rid of the "rubbish", and we all are guilty of "keeping just in case".
    A curse of these days of plenty of storage. I remember well having a big discussion on why on earth anyone would ever want more than a 5MB, YES, MB, disk.

    I also am of the school who believe a totally fresh install of windows every 12-18 months is a very good idea. But then again I really do love DOS.

    Final comment. If you don't have a good anti virus programme along with something for Malware then it is little wonder your machine is slow. (Plenty of damn good freebies about and some well pulicised ones I would love to be game enough to suggest you avoid like the plague).

    Now I shall pour a large Red and sit back awaiting those who disagree.
    24th Aug 2012
    Don't disagree ( so boring for you) but please...tell me not what to buy as I have just purchased one and now wondering what I have done. Am I allowed to put my e-mail address on here?
    25th Aug 2012
    I have a linux program on my pc called Ubuntu. Does this need defragging? Or anything else?
    25th Aug 2012
    The short answer is NO. No need.
    If you want to dig deeper try Google for ubuntu defrag.
    Be prepared to find some fairly technical stuff.
    25th Aug 2012
    Thank you!
    25th Aug 2012
    Thanks Kohleria, e-mail on its way.
    26th Aug 2012
    Do indeed to defrag an iPad? If so how?
    26th Aug 2012
    Relax Janet.
    NO need as it does not use Windows and defrag is Windows.
    Presume you actually have an IPad and NOT using the generic name people so often confuse.'
    There are many tablets out there that are NOT IPads and for mine a couple are better.
    You may have gathered I am NOT an Apple fan and if Samsung lose their appeal in USA look out for paying more.

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