Three ways to speed up your computer

Drew shares three guides to help clean up your computer and increase its performance

Three ways to speed up your computer

A change of seasons serves as a perfect reminder to perform those mundane tasks which keep your computer running at optimal speed. 

Clean up your desktop
Sure, keeping items on your desktop is convenient, but how often do you actually use each of those items? The average user requires a maximum of 12 programs or documents on their desktop in any week so there is no excuse for random documents and files not being stored correctly, or shortcuts to software and games which are rarely used being stored on your desktop. By removing all un-essential documents and programs, you can speed up your computer significantly.

Prevent programs from opening on Windows start-up
There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait minutes for your computer to warm up, log in and then finally wait for all of the programs to load. Not only will your computer load up faster by removing unused programs from the start-up list, but it will consistently run faster as these programs do not remain open while the computer is in use.

Click on the Start menu, then depending on your version of Windows, either click on "Run" or type "Run" into your search bar at the bottom, then click on the program which appears in your search.

Type "msconfig" into the textbox and click OK.

Click the Start-up tab.

Uncheck the box next to the program name you do not want to start with Windows. You can go back into at any time to switch on any program you would like to start upon booting up your computer.

Close this program and restart your computer.

Schedule a Disk Cleanup
Are there files you simply aren't using which are taking up space and slowing down your computer? Chances are you don't even know this is happening. Windows has a handy device called Disk Cleanup which can be set up to perform a check every day, week or month.

Open Task Scheduler by clicking the "Start button", clicking "Control Panel", clicking "System and Security", clicking "Administrative Tools" and then double-clicking Task Scheduler. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Now click the "Action" menu and then click "Create Basic Task".

This opens the Create Basic Task Wizard.

Type in Disk Cleanup as the name of the task and then click "Next".

To select a schedule based on the calendar, click Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One Time and then click "Next". I would recommend you set it up at least Monthly.

Specify the schedule you want to use, and then click "Next".

Click "Start a program" and then click "Next".

Click "Browse", typing cleanmgr.exe in the File name box, then click "Open" and then click "Next".

Click Finish.

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