Computer Tutorials

How to use Skype as a security camera and other cool tricks

Skype can provide you with more than just video calls and instant messaging.

How to ensure you don’t lose everything in your Google calendar

Belinda is worried about her online calendar having a meltdown and wants to know her options.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of either audio or video digital media recordings to which you can subscribe

How to clean your smartphone, monitor or laptop screen

Remove those smudges and stains without ruining your screen.

How to clean your keyboard

Learn how to safely and effectively clean your keyboard

How to mark an email sender as safe

Ryan explains how to ensure your email client won't accidentally delete your emails.

How to spice up your text messages with emojis and GIFs

Here's how to access and use emojis and GIFs for the most fun over text.

Older Australians suffering from digital inclusion gap

Swinburne University develops a model to build digital literacy among over 60s.

Stop a program opening on startup

Drew explains how to stop specific programs from loading when your computer turns on.

When technology gets wet

It can be as exotic as a wave lapping gently over your smartphone, or as embarrassing as spilling

Five more Google tricks

These five Google search tricks will help you while travelling, shopping online and more.

Spring clean your technology

Cleaning your devices is a must if you want them to last.

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