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You lock your house every time you go out, but you don’t have internet security? Internet theft is on the rise and if you do not have an anti-viral security system installed, then you are at serious risk.

With so many security options available, the next question is “Which one is best for me?” There are 5-6 effective options if you can afford to pay between $40 to $100 per annum. But the main question we all want answered is “What is a good option when you want to pay $0 per month?” The answer is not quite as simple. You get what you pay for, and you will never be as secure as if you pay for a security program, but if you don’t want to hand over the money, you are still adding a level of security that you did not have before, so it is still highly recommended to download a free version of internet security.

Below is a list of recommended software from trusted and well-recognized brands in Internet security. We have provided downloads to 30-day trial versions and have also listed free “trial software” that can be used forever without paying anything.

What do you need?

I would highly recommend that you ALWAYS have ONLY one type of AntiVirus software installed on your computer combined with one Spyware removal software program, which will give you maximum coverage. These programs will find items on your computer, most of the time these are simply tracking cookies and items that do not have any effect on your computer or internet security, so do not be alarmed if it does pick up 100 different items, but it is worth having the software in place, in case you do pick up a dangerous virus!

Paid Anti Virus Trials

These trials will last 30 days after activation. Once the 30 day period is over, it will ask you to purchase the product or uninstall.

Norton AntiVirus 2009


McAfee VirusScan Plus 2008

AVG Anti-Virus

FREE Anti Virus

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Free Spyware removals

Ad-Aware 8.0

SpyBot Search and Destroy

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