Backup before you take-off

Drew explains how to store your travel documents online and backup your photos during your trip, for free.

Now that you have booked your flights and are ready to travel, the next step is to make sure you have all your travel information stored securely online. A large proportion of Australian travellers have experienced the pain of losing a passport or travel itinerary on a trip. Google Documents provides you with a free 10GB storage limit to upload all your valuable information online. If you happen to lose your documents and urgently need to access your travel itinerary or print a copy of your passport, you login to your Google Documents account with a username and password and download the files.

Google Documents is handy for more than just storing your travel papers online. The smartest use of Google Documents for travel purposes is to store your photos along the way. This means if you lose your camera part way through the trip or your SD card becomes corrupted, you won’t lose all your photos.