Changing capital letters to lower case

There is nothing worse than receiving an email or downloading a document that is written completely in capital letters. Drew shows us how to change full sentences in the click of a button.

Microsoft Word
The following shortcut has three functions. The first function will make every word selected lower case.
The second will make every word selected lower case apart from the first letter of each sentence.
The third will every word selected upper case.

Start off by opening the word document.
Highlight the text you want to change.
Hold down the Shift key and press F3. Let go of the Shift key.
You will notice the selected text is now all lower case. To make the text all lower case with the first word of each sentence capitalised, repeat the process above. Finally, if you want to make the text all upper case, repeat the process once more.

Select the text you are looking to change.
Left click on ‘Edit’ in your menu bar at the top of the screen.
From the drop down box, left click on ‘Transformations’.
A box will appear to the side with three options. To make all of the words lower case, click on ‘Make Lower Case’. To make all of the words upper case, click on ‘Make Upper Case’. To make all of the words lower case apart from the first letter of a sentence, click on ‘Capitalise’.

Open Office
For users of Open Office, changing letters to capitals or lower case is fairly easy.
Highlight the text you wish to change. Go to Format->Change Case->Lowercase/Uppercase depending on which one you want.
Unfortunately, Open Office does not have the option to re-capitalise the first letter of every sentence without implementing a huge and complicated macro.

Jean from the Sunshine Coast Computer Club has written in with the following information for Open Office users.
The latest version of Open Office 3.3.0 has improved the Change Case options to include –
Sentence Case
Upper Case
Lower Case
Capitalize every word
Toggle Case