Changing your computer to English (Australia)

There is nothing more frustrating than relying on spell check to then realise your document is not set to Australian English rules. Webmaster Drew explains how to ensure you are talking Australian.

Open up Microsoft Word
Left click on Tools in the menu at the top, then from the drop down left click on Language. Another tab will appear to the right hand side, click on Set Language.

Start at the bottom of the window that has now appeared. If the Detect Language automatically box is checked, uncheck it. Also ensure the Do not check spelling or grammar is unchecked. Finally, in the main dialog box at the top, select English (Australia).

Now click on Ok at the bottom of this window and you are good to go.

Email is another problem area with spell checking. So let’s change that for you as well.

Open up Microsoft Outlook
At the top, left click on Tools and from the drop down menu left click on Options.

In the new window that appears, there are separate tabs at the top. Click the tab called Spelling.

Let’s start with General options. Ensure the following are checked:
– Always suggest replacements for misspelled words
– Always check spelling before sending
– Ignore original message text in reply or forward
– Use AutoCorrect when Word isn’t the email editor

Once you have checked these, click on AutoCorrect Options. In this section, you can add in additional words that you want to automatically change because they have been driving you nuts.

When you have added all the words you want, click OK.

Finally, at the bottom of the window that is still open, ensure the Language is set to English (Australia). Now click on Apply at the bottom right hand side and finally click OK.