Cleaning your computer

Keeping your computer clean is the easiest and cheapest way to ensure it runs to its full potential. But just how do you clean those hard-to-reach corners without damaging your computer?

Q. Liliana
My computer is five years old and I need to clean it, as it is full of dust. I would like to dismantle it but this is not possible. How can I clean it properly?

When cleaning your computer, you should always make sure you have removed all the cords from the computer 30 minutes before attempting to clean. Electric charge can still stay with the computer so when opening the box, try and have some kind of rubber shoe on. To clean the computer, you do not need to pull any parts out, you just need to take the side door off (you will need a screw driver for this). If you have a Dell, there is a button which opens the side door on the back of the computer near the cords.

Make sure you have a bin next to you and either use a vacuum or tissues to clean out the easy to get dust patches. Once you have removed the dust which is sitting on top of the components, you should then use a soft bristle tooth brush to reach inside the components (I would recommend buying a new tooth brush for this)

There will be a large amount of dust flying around during this process so I would recommend wearing some type of goggle over your eyes.

I hope this helps. You should notice your computer running faster after cleaning it out.