Convert YouTube to your MP3

With billions of hours worth of footage on YouTube, it is unlikely you will have time to watch all of the great comedy, music and interviews which the site has to offer. But now, thanks to free online software, you don’t have to be online to hear it.

There is no doubt that in the last five years, with the exception of Facebook, no website has enjoyed rapid growth as YouTube. What was once just a small home video sharing site has grown into a massive media empire which sold for nearly two billion dollars and works hand in hand with record companies, television companies and sporting events to ensure that the online public has a range of media options available to them.

There are a ludicrous amount of videos on YouTube, and not enough time to watch them all. However with the right programs and a little technical knowledge and expertise, you can make YouTube work for you.

The simplest and most effective way to do this is to download your favourite music/ interviews/ comedy from YouTube and listen to it later as an MP3 file on your iPod or MP3 device. Obviously a certain amount of common sense needs to exercised, as any video which requires visual to be enjoyed, is not necessarily suitable for all MP3 devices. Videos such as live music, online recordings or journal readings, press interviews or stand up comedy are all applicable and make great iPod fillers.

So firstly, search for a video on When you have found your video, down the bottom of the YouTube video player will be a button which reads ‘share’. Click this button, and a box will drop down revealing a link. Copy this link.

Then head over to Simply paste the YouTube link in the URL box, as instructed by the website, choose your preferred quality and click go.