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Portable Document Format files (PDFs) are becoming an increasingly popular way to store and transfer large files. About Seniors Webmaster, Drew shares his simple guide on how to convert your large Word documents to PDF to save you time and hassle.

PDFs were created by software programmers, Adobe, and are now becoming incredibly popular amongst businesses and home computer users alike because of the many benefits of using the files. Firstly, PDFs are quick and easy to use, and easily securable. Benefit – can’t be tampered with unlike a Word document. Secondly, and most importantly, the chief function of the PDFs design is their ability to turn large files, for example a particularly large Microsoft word file, and compress it into a much smaller file, which has many benefits including storage and the ability to send larger files over email.

While PDFs have some downsides, including a slight difficulty in editing software and various types of PDFs that can cause confusion.

However, PDFs downside is far outnumbered by its upside. So if the use of the PDF file system interests you, as usual, About Seniors is here to help.

If you do not wish to commit to downloading a full program to convert documents to PDF, then perhaps a visit to is ideal. This site is perfect for those who only have a single case of conversion needs.

When visiting the website, simply scroll down to the bottom. On the bottom left hand corner, there is a box that says ‘browse’. Click this box, and in doing so select the document you wish to convert. When selected, click ‘convert’ and away you go!

If you are looking for a more permanent installation on your computer, then a free PDF program is what you want. To start, you will need to download Primo PDF.

Following all the prompts, once you hit the ‘Primo PDF’ set up screen, click next and install.

Primo works in two ways. Firstly by an simply drag and drop method, whereby you can move your cursor to the specific file you wish to be converted, drag it toward the primo icon on your desktop and drop the icon in.

Secondly, a “Primo PDF” icon appears in the ‘print’ section of your Microsoft word document. Simply change it from your current printer to the ‘primo’ icon and use that to convert the document.

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