Correcting spell check

A common problem caused by an itchy trigger finger is the addition of a word into spell check which is incorrect, resulting in frustration for years to come. Webmaster, Drew, explains how to fix it in seconds.

The following fix works in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and Frontpage.

1.tOpen Microsoft Word.

2.tIn the toolbar at the top, click on “Tools” and from the drop down menu click “Options”.

3.tAt the top on the right hand side of the new window that opened click the “Spelling & Grammar” tab.

4.tIn the middle of the page click the “Dictionaries” button.

5.tIn the new window, make sure “CUSTOM.DIC” is selected and then click the “Edit” button which is in the middle near the bottom of the window.

6.tYou will now have a list of words you have manually added to the list appear in a document. Find the word you want to remove, delete it and then save the file.

If you are using OpenOffice Writer, use the following steps:

1.tOpen the Spell check feature by clicking Tools and Spell check.

2.tClick the “Options” button.

3.tClick the “Edit” button.

4.tLocate and highlight the word you wish to remove and click the Delete button.

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