Create your own wireless hotspot

A new product on the Wi-Fi market allows multiple users to access the Internet via a single device called a portable wireless hotspot. What makes this product most attractive is the affordable price.

The product called a Pocket Wi-Fi is the latest in Wi-Fi technology released by Vodafone. With a battery life of up to 4 hours and rechargeable via USB, this device is for those who like to be on the move. Allowing up to five separate device connections at one time, this is a handy device for at home, travelling or at work. The best part about this device is it works separately as a normal USB device, so you don’t have to set up the network when using just one device.

The Pocket Wi-Fi is a very cheap alternative for those who are looking to buy an iPad in the coming months. Pocket Wi-Fi allows you to purchase a lower cost iPad and saves you money on downloads due to the fact you can connect your home computer and other devices through the Pocket Wi-Fi.

The product costs $119 to buy outright and $75 to unlock it to a different network. If you are happy to use Vodafone, they offer:

$15 – 1.5GB

$29 – 4GB

$39 – 8GB

$49 – 10GB

If you sign up for a 24-month contract for the 4GB or higher plan, Vodafone will waive the purchase price.

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