Desktop woes

Q. George
Help! My computer’s ‘background’ should be a rose named ‘Double Delight’. All the icons are there but when I right click desktop–properties, I get everything shaded so that I can’t get at the list.

A. Our thanks go to ASCCA members for the following response:
It would seem that your video is setup in ‘default’ drivers mode which means
It is running 16 colours. Windows needs at least 256 colours to make the
backgrounds work.

The first suggestion is either to use the drivers that came on the CD with
the video card or, if it is integrated in the motherboard, use the drivers
provided on that CD. In either case, you will find your image will automatically improve.

The second suggestion is to visit the website of the video card maker and
download the latest drivers for your Operating system, e.g. Windows XP. Once
downloaded, install the drivers as per instructions, usually this means double clicking on the downloaded file and following the prompts.

It’s important to restart after the download is finished. You should then be able to use any background in the list.