Finding lost files in Microsoft Outlook

Many of us receive hundreds of emails every year, and file away the important ones in folders, but when it comes time to find that important email, we have forgotten where it was put, luckily, Webmaster Drew shows us the quick and easy way to find those lost files.

Undoubtedly the most useful tool implemented into Microsoft Outlook is the find function. This function allows you to search all emails you sent or received by any word in the title, email address or also in the body of the email!
How to use the find function

Open up Microsoft Outlook and click the find button located next to the send/receive button as pictured in the image to our right.

Now that you have clicked this, the find bar will have dropped down, below the toolbar you just clicked on. As seen below, the next step is to put in that keyword you wanted to search for. A good way to do this is to search by the email address or first/surname of the person who sent you the email, otherwise, a key word such as birthday will do.


Once you have typed this in, click the Search In button and choose what you are looking for. For example, if it was an email sent to you, click “Mail I Received”, but if it was sent by you, then select “Mail I Sent” (not shown in the picture to the right).

Now click the “Find Now” button that is on the right hand side. Depending on the size of your email box, this could take anywhere from 10 seconds up to 5 minutes to find the email so be patient. When you see the email that you have been searching for pop up, you can double click it and open it!

Sorting your Mailbox

While the Find function may be extremely useful, it may sometimes not be practical if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, but know where you filed it. There are a number of different sorts you can do in your mail box.

Above your emails it the header row which is used to sort your mail. As seen on our right, there are a number of symbols. From left to right these sorts are as follows:


From: This will sort the emails alphabetically by name of person the email was sent by.
Importance: Some emails are marked important by the sender, this will bring them to the top
Icon: This will sort between opened and unopened emails
Attachment: This will sort the emails which have files attached and those that don’t
Subject: This will sort emails alphabetically by the subject title
Received: This will sort emails by Date and time received
Size: This will sort emails by the size of the file
Flag Status: This will sort emails by the flag status that the sender put on the email

Once you know which sort you want to use, just click the button that you want and it will automatically sort. Please note it will sort the opposite way if you click it again (it starts out ascending, then reverses to descending order if you click it a second time)

To get it back to the default, you need to click “Received” at the end of this sorting process and make sure you have the last received emails at the top!