Five more Google tricks

These five hidden Google search tricks will save you plenty of time and help you out with watching your weight, travelling, shopping online and more. 

Quick translations
While you’re travelling overseas, getting your phrasebook out and finding a specific term can take a while, and, perhaps, might not even be covered. Simply Google search “(phrase you would like to translate) in (language you would like translated to)”; for example, “Do you have any rooms available? In French” and Google will help you out.

Currency conversions
This can help you while you’re travelling or while you’re shopping online. To convert currencies easily with Google, just search for the type of currency followed by the amount you would like converted, then type “in” followed by the currency you would like it to be converted to. For example, to get 1000 Japanese yen converted to Australian dollars, you would search “1000 YEN in AUD”.

Quick definitions
Simply type the word “define” followed by the word which you would like to know the meaning of, for example: “define metempsychosis”. You will be given the definition, pronunciation, etymology and more.


Calorie counter
When you’re watching your weight, knowing how many calories you’re eating can be very important, but finding out how many are in an item of food can be time consuming. Simply Google search “Calories in a x” (replacing x with the name of a simple food, such as an applefruitcake or chocolate bar) and Google will tell you.

Written by ryanbo