Five ways to save money shopping online

The computer has proven itself as an indispensable tool for sourcing information and social networking. In these tough economic times, however, it can be used as a valuable source for bargain hunters. Taking your shopping online can result in unprecedented savings, but only if you know where to look.

Shop overseas
Not so long ago it seemed inconceivable that the Australian dollar would overtake the US dollar. Now, while we may have dropped back below parity it is only by a few cents, and the current economic climate is presenting savings in online shopping never seen before. The best savings to be had at the moment are on the largest online shopping network,

There are millions of fantastic new and used items, some which are not available in Australia. Many people naturally feel some trepidation when it comes to shopping online, because of misinformation, mistrust or misconception.

Many people believe that the shipping costs are just too high for there to be any real savings from shopping overseas. This is a common misconception and there are certain tricks which can help to ease the pinch.

Buying several items from the same online Amazon ‘store’ can reduce shipping costs. You could also consider buying nearly new products, as opposed to brand-new items.

Amazon is a trustworthy site when it comes to keeping your information safe, but it is also important to remember to keep vigilant. Only buy from sellers with high recommendations. You can find this out by clicking the link to the seller’s details.

Hit the garage sales
With so many people trying to ease the relative ‘squeeze’ of these tougher economic times the number of people both holding and attending garage sales is greater than ever.

The humble garage sale has moved from the side of the highway to the information superhighway, or at least the two are sharing information for the good of bargain hunters everywhere. If you would like to stay abreast of all the garage sales in your area, make sure to head to

This website contains a great search feature which pinpoints garage sales happening close to you in the near future. It also has heaps of advice and advertising opportunities for those hoping to have a garage sale of their own.

Click NEXT to discover more ways to save money shopping online Always keep your eyes open
Many businesses are increasing their online presence so if you keep your eyes open there are plenty of unbelievable deals to be had. One site which offers bargains from several different companies, usually as a result of over-stocking, is . It has a feed of deals which is frequently updated. You can sort the deals by ‘most popular’ or ‘freebies’, and there are always fantastic savings if you look hard enough. If you order more than one item you can usually get a good deal on shipping, so consider shopping with a friend.

eBay secrets revealed
While everyone may have heard of eBay, not everyone is aware of the secrets which can save you valuable cash.


  • Try not to get into a bidding war too early
  • Watch out for postage prices
  • Look for auctions which are finishing early in the morning or late at night
  • Bid 32 cents more than you normally would – most people bid whole numbers, so this will give you an edge when winning auctions.

For more information on how to use eBay safely and how to win auctions read Rachel’s guide to Ebay.

Google it
The search engine giant is a powerful tool when it comes to shopping online. You may think you have found a bargain, but it never hurts to browse, exactly as you would in a store.

Use Google to check the value of the item in other online shopping stores to ensure that your item is, in fact, a bargain. Comparison shopping is essential to make absolutely sure you’re not just falling for an elevated RRP or some creative advertising. Google has a handy ‘shopping’ tab, and when you search your item, it will show you a cross section of prices and present you with the cheapest options available.

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