Google maps, made easy!

GoogleMaps finds you directions to where you want to go in seconds, providing a easy to read, turn by turn direction guide. It can even show you what the destination address looks like!

We start by visiting the following link:


Once you are at the site, in the section shown above, enter the street address, city name, state name and postcode if you have all those details for example. Flinders Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000.

Please note you can also search by landmark name, for example the Great Wall of China, by simply entering its name and by clicking on the desired search results on the left hand side of the page.

Now that you have the address you desire. To adjust how far in you want to zoom in or out, simply place your mouse over the button pointed out by the red arrow (picture on the right of this text). Hover your mouse over this button and hold down your left click mouse button and drag it up to zoom in or down to zoom out (Please note that if you take it all the way to the top, it most likely will not load an image, I would suggest you go 4/5 the way up the scale for best results).

The next feature’s that we will look at are the pictured in the photo to our lower-right. Located at the top of each map after you have done the steps labeled above.
You can see clearly in the image further down this page the four tabs labeled “more…”, Map, Satallite and Terrain.
The default view you will start out on is Map, which shows us a nice clear map view of the location we are viewing. What we want to see it the actual Satellite images that will astonish you when you search your own house! Simply click on the word Satellite and it will take us to a Satellite view. Please note that you may need to zoom out a little for this to work, and then zoom in as far as you can slowly!image

The final, yet extremely useful, feature we will look at tells us the best route to travel to get from one place to another, instead of us having to search it up in our street directory!

You can start by either putting in your starting address or the location address to which you are travelling.

Once you search for this map, the information shown on our right, will appear.
If you are looking to travel to, for example: 102 Collins street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, then you would click To here, pointed out by the red arrow, while if you are starting at that location you would click the From here button pointed out by the blue arrow.

You will be presented with the following:
Simply put in the address of the other location you wish to travel and it will give you the directions and a map!

Click here to read about Google Street View!

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