How to add and delete favourites/bookmarks

Internet bookmarks are a great time saver, but what happens when you become a bookmark hoarder? YOURLifeChoices subscriber George needs some help cleaning out his cluttered browser.


Hello team,

I have got reams and reams of Bookmarks and Favourites which I want to clear out, but don’t know how to delete in mass. I no longer need bookmarks as I can Google for most information.

Advice please

Thank you

It sounds like you could be using either one of two programs, as Internet Explorer (IE) typically uses ‘Favourites’ and Mozilla Firefox typically uses ‘Bookmarks’.

The first thing I am going to recommend, if you have not already done so is to get you to download Firefox. It costs absolutely nothing, is more reliable and manageable than Internet Explorer and is just a fantastic web browsing experience.

However for the benefit of yourself and any other readers, I will explain how to add and delete bookmarks in both IE and Firefox.

For those readers who are confused entirely about how to add favourites, I have also included that to ensure your search times are halved.

Internet Explorer
You mention in your message that you wish to delete favourites ‘en masse’. Unfortunately there is no magic way to get rid of every single favourite, however there are ways to manage and delete favourites, and very easily so. Simply go into Internet Explorer, visit the favourites menu and click ‘organise favourites’.

When you are in this drop down menu not only can you move and organise your favourites into folders, but a quick click of your right mouse button and then the delete key, will dispose of any favourites you no longer wish to have.

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox has a very simple way of deleting bookmarks, not dissimilar to the Internet Explorer method. Simply open the browser, go to the bookmarks menu and select ‘manage bookmarks’. Then highlight or click the bookmark you wish to delete and simply press the delete key. You can also drag and drop your bookmarks into folders to re-organise them.

Deleting History
If you wish to have a proper spring clean of your computer after disposing of bookmarks and favourites, then deleting your search history is a great idea. Deleting cookies regularly is essential anyway, but a proper spring clean (i.e. deleting forms, search history, etc.) will not only help your browser run quicker but reduce clutter.

To delete history in IE simply select ‘tools > delete browsing history’. In the pop up menu select every box except ‘preserve favourites’ and select delete.

To delete history in Firefox select ‘tools > clear private data’ and select every option in the pop up menu. Then click ‘clear private data now’.

Adding bookmarks
Once you have deleted bookmarks, it is time to begin adding them again! This process is very simple.

Internet Explorer
To add a website to your favourites, simply visit the website and go to the ‘favourites’ menu and select ‘add website to favourites’.

To add a website to your bookmarks, simply visit the website and go to the ‘bookmarks’ menu and select ‘bookmark this page.’ You can also drag and drop the website’s icon onto the bookmarks toolbar if you would like super fast access to the website. (Drag the icon from the left of the address to just under it).

Good luck, and enjoy a much easier browsing experience.