How to Convert Measurements Online

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It can be frustrating if, when you are shopping online and you find that you cannot calculate the exchange rate and end up spending more than you bargained for. Similarly, when printing out a recipe, if you are working with either the metric or the imperial system and cannot figure out just how much a quart of milk is, you may have just ruined that meal for good. It is important to be able to convert measurement, and this is why sites like the ones below come in handy. But thankfully, YOURLifechoices has found two helpful websites for all your online conversion needs.

This site has everything conversion related. Convert all the normal stuff like Height, Weight and Distance as well as everything from Angles, Weight, Torque and Viscosity. You can even calculate what day of the week you were born, calculate your weight on Mars or find out how fast you can type!

However if you are searching for something a bit more official when it comes to your currency conversion, it is best to stick to the Yahoo! Currency converter. It is constantly updated so you are never left out of the world finance loop. It also comes with a handy pocket guide which shows you every major dollar amount conversion from one dollar all the way up to $500!


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